Our in-house pre-treatment and powder coating plant is in line with BS6496 and BS EN 12206 to allow full in house control of the pre-treatment and powder coating of all aluminium sheet metal elements at our Attleborough facility.

Our Vixen Front loading Phosphating machine has a working area of 4.2m x 1.5m x 1.8m and is to BS EN 12206 standards. It follows the below 9 stage treatment which takes 40minutes to run the full cycle using numerous chemicals to pre-treat the aluminium successfully etching 1.2g/m2 to ensure the material surface is suitable for application of the polyester powder coat.

Stage 1 – Acid degrease etch

Stage 2 – Rinse (a)

Stage 3 – Demineralised rinse

Stage 4 – Chromic Acid

Stage 5 – Rinse (b)

Stage 6 – Demineralised recycled rinse

Stage 7 – Demineralised rinse

Stage 8 – Steam extraction

Stage 9 – Drying

Our chosen partner with regards to the powder coating is Tiger drylac. We use the Tiger series 68 powder due to its excellent weathering and performance properties. Series 68 powder are all qualicoat class 2 standard – super durable advanced polyester powder coating in a metallic tone ral system colour with a maximum 20% of surface reflectance.

Tiger drylac have carried out various salt, durability and impact testing of our pre-treatment and powder coating in order to name Multi fab ltd as an approved applicator, please see our certificate of qualification from Tiger drylac for applying their series 68 qualicoat class two powders.